Meet the Staff of A & D Motors

Jennifer Smith Gant - President

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I have owned and operated A and D Motors Inc. for 17 Years. We started out with just one employee and we have grown to 12 employees. We are growing on a daily basis but we will never be too big to have a friendly staff and always greet you with a smile. We do car sales; Bank Financing, Secondary Financing and Buy Here Pay Here. We have A and D Motors, A and D Investments, A and D Title Pawn and S and S Enterprise. The best thing about A and D Motors is the ability to help people.

Emmy Moody - General Manager

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I have been employed with A and Motors since 2006. My job is accounting, titles, sales, collections, notary public, and I am an enrolled agent. My favorite thing about A and D Motors Inc. is the family atmosphere. All our employees and customers are very important to me. We are with each other through all our good and bad times to share- the laughs and the tears. It is a blessing to have such great friends and family.

Rex Cobb - Shop Manager

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My name is Rex Cobb.  I am shop manager for A and D Motors Inc.  I run the mechanic shop.  I manage all services thru our shop. We inspect all our vehicles from front bumper to the rear bumper.  We fix any issues that come along.I have worked for A and D Motors for 8 1/2 Years.  This is my ninth season.  I Love working with our staff.  I love working on all makes of vehicles.  Its a great place to work.  Stress comes with all jobs.  It is a fast paced job.  So if you don't learn something new everyday you are not trying hard enough. The best boss our leader of course.  

Misty Jones - Sales Manager

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I have been employed with A and D Motors  31/2 years. In this time I have worked here I have made some great friends and even better customers. I am here to give the best Customer Service I can. With the great team we have here we all strive for the same goal. We work hard in the business and also for the community. #carqueens

Patti Merrit - Finance Manager

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Heather Kirkland - Collection Manager

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I have worked for A and D for almost a decade.  I handle not only collections, but titles, small loans, notary, coordinating events, title pawns, and pay day loans as well.  This is not just a job to me, this is my family and every person involved means a lot to me.  My favorite part of this company is the out pouring of love and compassion to the community..

Sarah Ours - Customer Service Rep

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I  have worked for A and D Motors Inc for a little over a year.  I take car payments and small loan payments, verify insurance and answer the phones.  Being a part of the A and D family is a blast, , everyday is an adventure and our customers are the best.  

Felicia Maynor - Detailer

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My name is Felicia Maynor.  I have worked with A and D Motors Inc for almost 3 months.  I enjoy working with a fantastic group of people.  I also love the fact that there is something different about everyday of work.  

Angela Taylor - Detail Shop Manager

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My name is Angela Taylor.  I have worked at A and D Motors Inc for almost 3 years.  Now the Detail Shop Manager I work with a great group of people.  It keeps me active and outside.  i am always on my toes and never the same ole routine.  

Joseph Cook - Mechanic

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Hello my name is Joseph Cook.  I work for A and D Motors Inc in Arab AL.  I am an automotive technician.  I have been working at A and D Motors now for 8 months.  I really enjoy my job at A and D Motors for many reasons.  The people are great to work with.  You never stop learning no matter what you think you know.  Lastly I have always had a passion for working on vehicles.  Vehicles do make you aggravated at times but you will always figure the problem out no matter how new or how old.  You just have to have your mind in it.  Automotive Technology takes patience and it takes will.  You have to be willing to learn your skill to succeed in it.  

Robert Johnson - Mechanic

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My name is Robert Lee Junior Johnson.  I work on cars.  I have been with A and D Motors Inc for  10 Years or more.  I like working on cars.  They are fun to work on.  You never know what you have to do day to day and I like that.